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Are you a wholesaler,retailer,individual,farmer,businessman who is interested in importing goods from China  e.g cosmetics hair products, agricultural equipment,electronics,clothes,furniture,machinery etc… at a chenese local market price cheaper than  Alibaba, Ali express and many other e-commerce platforms  also with affordable duty inclusive shipping costs  contact us today for more information

Professional Team

Experience is more important than anything else.Search for the products you want by picture or name. First time to try our service its free of charge

100% Secure

Will confirm all details with you by phone and email.Check products total purchase and comments from people who have bought before

Low Cost

We offer value  for your money,no hidden costs. Find cheaper/discount prices for large orders.
We provide this service at a fee of 16% of the products purchased

One Stop Services

Save your time and meet all of your requests.Find a reasonable shipping company with duty inclusive offers

We are in China

Save your time and meet all of your requests.Provide warehouse for products purchased

Response within 24hrs

With best service and benefits we provide milestone updates on the buying process

hOw to work with us

Send Us Your requests

Email us what you want to purchase .

Goods Sourcing

Start product sourcing, price negotiations according to your requests.

Goods Inspection

We will check reviews of the goods before purchasing and when they arrived on our warehouse before wrapping and shipping to you.

Quote At Your Request

We will mail you different prices with different factories.​

Confirmation & Payment

After searching for the products you requested we will get back to you when you confirm the product is correct then you can make payment

Arrange Shipment

We will consult mutiple shipping companies and find the best offer in terms of time and money then clear Customs and arrange shipment.

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available from 10:00 – 19:00


Email info@optimusxpress.co.zw

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